A Smile A Day Keeps The Advil Away?

As a massage and bodywork practitioner, I have discovered people who smile regularly live with less chronic pain. I have been practicing massage and bodywork for 14 years and have come across a multitude of cients who have everyday aches and pains and not so everyday aches and pains. I have become quite the ninja when it comes to getting people to come clean about their daily pain levels.  Everyone is at their own level of consciousness and has their own perception of health, healing, and pain. But those of my clients who smile often live with less chronic pain and suffer less injuries.  As well as, those who express their gratitude regularly and those who do not have passive tendancies. I do not have documentation for my theory, I just have a large clientele of bodies I know well and I have observed a common thread amongst those who radiate clear positive energy. Those clients of mine who smile frequently,  give thanks constantly, and do not allow elephants in the room have less chronic pain and injuries. Even those clients who have jobs which notoriously have repetitive movement injuries but they praise their blessings regularly will generally have less daily pain or get injured less often than those with the same job but complain regularly. Do those who radiate positive energy feel less pain? Do those who complain less often actually feel less pain or just dont know they have pain? Is my observation bologna? Whatever it is, it’s making me think about my daily processes of radiating gratitude and speaking my truth. 

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