The power of positive thinking, the power of intention, trust and surrender, having faith, believing, or whatever title one can put on it

As soon as I was introduced to the idea of manifestation of abundance through the power of positive intention I integrated positive language and affirmations into my life. The happy language I focused on for a number of years became absolute habit, simultaneously, beauty and abundance began to surround me. Opportunities became more available and people received me with greater focus.
Positive language has been one of my most powerful tools in creating abundance. The positive word choices I combine together are incredibly effective in my business practices. A trust is quickly created between myself and even the most discerning of clients. The more I believe in myself, along with a consistency of positive affirmations, the more abundance comes to me with grace and ease. The focus is not making money but rather the visualization of abundance in my life. The more abundance I see myself living in, the more prosperous my financial life becomes. Trust, give whole hearted gratitude, and know all of my needs are met, then the miracles fall from everywhere.
Keeping a bright outlook can be challenging and can take years to master but with daily work the effortless flow of happy language and thoughts just happen. Keeping language true and sincere absolutely effects the way the universe flows with or against the user. Giving daily gratitude for even the smallest of lifes gifts can be potent manifestation tools. In times of great turmoil, focusing on any goodness in life can help catapult one to better positive focus and receiving.
Some of our biggest roadblocks to keeping the divine positive flow are individuals who seek the negative. Keeping happy language flowing gives an advantage while interacting with nay sayers. Trusting in goodness and persevering with integrity will win over the greatest of skeptics. No one can argue with impeccable words of gentle loving truth. Believe in your word, believe in your truth, believe in your abundance and you will be supported by the universe as well as your community.
By seeking the positive in everything, the positive will leap out at the seeker, opportunities can be found in the least of likely avenues. Visualizing success and abundance in even the most outrageous of fantasies can create opportunities. Daydreaming and integrating fantasy into a personal vision of manifestation can become some awesome abundance. It all starts with that happy language and believing in ones vision of abundance that all needs are met and all will be provided.

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