My Real Self, My Healing Self

While everyone else is getting ready for NYE festivities I’m over here geeking out on textbooks! Since disconnecting myself from conventional awareness I’ve become slightly obsessed with find healing on all levels. I have disconnected myself from habits and thoughts which keep me from focusing on overcoming my darknesses and adversities. I no longer watch TV, follow celebrities, or sports. I now find myself lost in studying healing on every level. Combing concepts ranging from western medicine sciences to quantum physics to indigenous practices of healing to conventional nutrition concepts to religious concepts. There is so much relevant info waiting to be conceptualized for true healing of self. I feel incredibly blessed to have found this part of myself. My real self, my healing self. I couldn’t have found my path to clarity, self love and healing had I kept myself concerned with things that have nothing to do with me. Now I feel fulfilled with learning about me and celebrating overcoming my adversities not celebrating the victories of people I don’t even know. Snuggling by myself with my reading and healing is the new cool in this kids world.


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