Belly and Mental Health


Working on my belly and mental health with prebiotics and probiotics! Did you know in the year 2014 neuroscientists discovered that healthy belly bacteria helps fight depression? Which means a link between creating good bacteria with foods will help stave off scary, scary negative thoughts. What an exciting finding! This info happened to come out after I have been working to build my belly bacteria and I honestly could not be more happy to discover this info and connect it to my personal healing!  I used to live with excruciating sadness, anxiety, mental fatigue, brain fog, feeling out of control, feeling like my world was going to explode, living in fear that I was going to have a major health catastrophe, no motivation to even get out of bed in the morning, facing adversity would spin me into major fear mode. The physical symptoms…tummy aches, nausea, diarrhea, headaches, increased heart rate, numbness in my fingers and toes, not being able to take a deep breath, dizziness, loss of neuromuscular functions, acne, dry skin, psoriasis flare ups, and I was about 50 pounds heavier than I am now. That about sums up my former mental and physical state. I just couldn’t handle the way my mind and body were acting out, so I changed my WHOLE LIFE, starting with diligently researching the best natural mental and nutritional tools I could find. I was simply looking to clear my psoriasis. Come to find out, the tools I needed were nutrition tools and then the added bonus, my mental ease followed. Yes, I worked with movement and mental tools but food was the catalyst to my mental wellness. As soon as I let go of foods which were stripping me of the flora I need to literally survive, I am found healing in ALL aspects of my life. My mind is calm, my body is at ease. Not to say I do not have my dark moments but currently, 99% of the time I can face adversity with grace, I walk into a room full of people and not feel like I need to hide, reactionary behaviors are lessened, I wake up every morning sooooooo happy, I am eager to live my life again. If my story does not make you think about fighting depression with food then check out what neuroscientists have to say.

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