What do you consider a real education? In life, I have made many choices that were supposedly incorrect. I had a baby at age 18. I waited tables to create an income. I didn’t go to college and receive a degree. I went to college and took years of math, English, science, humanities, and PE. When it came time to transfer to university and work toward my business degree I started thinking I’d had enough. I decided that I had learned so much about my life and myself already from taking these awesome classes. I knew I wasn’t interested in pursuing a career where a degree is REQUIRED in order to practice. So I left college and started my own one woman business. To this day I study all the time! I read textbooks, I ask questions, I go to experts in certain fields and ask them questions, I continue to learn constantly, I seek truth and I find it. For my personal enrichment, I study life sciences, I study math, I study politics, I study religion, I study history, I study humanity, I study economics. I study to find the information I’m looking for and not information which has been systematically created to teach me what I’m SUPPOSED to learn. I’m very comfortable in this unusual life I choose. I have a career that gives me incredible joy, I look forward to going to work everyday, I work for myself, I pay shit tons in taxes, I have ZERO debt, I have a personal retirement plan, I have awesome health coverage, my health is perfect, my 20 year old daughter is 95% independent in her adulthood, my daughter considers me as her best friend, my relationship with my parents is incredibly tight, my friends are true unconditional friends, my romantic life is solid, I truly love myself. My life is completely stress free. So now, as I reflect on all of those people in my life who told me I was doing it wrong, I sigh…what a relief to have not listened to them! I’m so grateful I chose MY path, MY truth. This passage is not to brag about myself it’s to give light on my processes, the processes of someone who followed their truth to their personal freedom and self love.

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