My Spirit

IMG_3239 A friend recently posed this question: Do you know your spirit? I was inspired by this question and just had to share it with my community. In recent years I have discovered, rediscovered or shall I say accepted my spirit. In childhood I was so connected to my spirit and we played together often. My spirit was my closest friend. I loved playing imagination alone with my light. Then, I began to agree with energies around me which were telling me I was ‘weird’, that my calling to be imaginative and light was wrong. So I worked to conform to these ideals I began to agree with. I felt lost, like I had no more inner guidance. How could I be sooo alone and lost by abiding by everything I thought I was supposed to do? I was a mess. Sad, afraid, ashamed, guilt ridden…and physically ill all the time. In January 2008 I threw my hands up and asked the universe, ” WTF? What am I doing wrong? Please guide me!” So I began to pray. I started using the phrase “I am willing to let go of anything that does not serve me.” So I began purging. Purging of patterns, habits, rituals, behaviors, people, thoughts, foods, ideals, paradigms…all these years later I have found my spirit again! So patiently waiting to play again! We now pray together, laugh, cry, geek out on awesome nerdy stuff, eat nourishing meals together, enjoy our imaginations, we spend a lot of time together, just the two of us. How blessed this rekindled love has been! So to answer my friends question, I do know my spirit! I love my spirit! I’m so proud of my spirit! It has been so gently guiding me to this moment. To freedom of energies I no longer agree with. Together, my spirit and myself are radiating gratitude for our rekindled love affair with one another. This relationship has taken me beyond any place I have ever believed I could be. It has made me believe in myself again. I have my self love and childhood happiness back! How incredibly powerful to have this relationship! I do encourage all of my people in my community to purge what does not serve. Life can be so full of love, hope, and beauty if we can let go of what does not serve our spirits. 💛

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