This introspection I am experiencing today is humbling. Self reflection can be difficult, especially today. My flow was disrupted by a block that has been coming up in my life for nearly twenty years. I am fully reflecting upon my role and how I played a part in these events that disappointed some people who are very important to me. In the past I would not have reflected constructively on this adversity, I would have harbored anger, guilt and shame over the outcome. What a destructive collection of energies. Not to say I did not cry and grovel over dark self loathing thoughts at the beginning of todays introspective journey. It’s difficult but I have discovered constructive introspection can change the way my blocks flow. By recognizing and letting go of anger, guilt, and shame in my mind I can be more receptive to energies that will help me move away from my blocks, preventing disappointing situations in the future. Fully looking at my self induced adversities, it’s humbling. It brings me to the awareness that I have so much to learn. So I continue my study of self, to study my behaviors so I can learn how to move away from energies that do not serve.💛

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