Carrot Soup To The Rescue


Carrot soup to the rescue!! I found myself laid up today with a yucky head old😷So Im keeping myself locked up at home doing a bit of self care. When my immune system tells me to slow down and pay attention to it, I do my best to honor it. So I allow myself extra rest, drink lots of fluids, and eat extra powerful plant based medicines!! I do not take over the counter medicines, I make my medicine with medicine from our Mother Earth🌱 My hydration of choice for battling this cold is homemade ginger, turmeric, Meyer lemon, Celtic sea salt tea.🍋Today’s heavy duty medicine is carrot-ginger-fennel-turmeric puréed soup topped with hemp seeds. I will be sipping on this soup all day and adding it to my meals. For lunch, I accompanied my soup with avocado I mixed with Braggs Aminos, organic tortilla chips on the side and a Revive Red Kombucha!😋Thank you Mother Earth for providing such nourishment!🌎🙏

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