My Gratitude for the Divine Feminine


The divine female only gives love, light, and unconditional blessings.
The perfection of the human female is unparalleled. The love and nurturing our bodies instinctually posses are divine. We are divine creatures, unconditionally nurturing. Even our physical bodies can create such nourishment for those in need of physical and emotional nurturing. Today, I celebrate our perfect bodies! Our squishy parts, our malleable skin and fat layers, the parts babies fall asleep on, the parts our partners grab in sensual passion, the parts conventional beauty do not celebrate, our true physical femininity.
We are perfect, with our soft skin, our ability to carry and grow life inside of our physical beings, our physical pain tolerance, our emotional pain tolerance, our ability to be steadfast in times of physical or emotional turmoil. To give unconditionally to the greater of humanity.
Women- we are the unparalleled divine, we are the ripe fruit which feeds the future. We are all goddesses.

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