☀️I took this pic this morning when I first woke up.😴Upon my rising for the day I was beaming with gratitude and excitement!😃Yes, I wake every morning with absolute gratitude for my life and excitement for what my day will bring.💥But today I am feeling extraordinary happiness. You see, today is my 39th birthday🎂which has brought on some pretty heavy reflection. At this moment,  I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am to be in this time of my life. It has been an eventful 39 years of learning to love myself and accept the way the world receives me.🌎I do have to say at this point of my being in this life, I do love all of myself. I even love the parts I don’t like about myself. I accept all of me and my imperfections. The lessons I’ve learned from living so fully are rather plentiful. I do not feel guilt or shame for what I have done in my past to create my now.🙏I accept what I have done, what has happened to me, the choices I have made, the failures I’ve committed, the scars I’ve acquired, the fears I have overcome, the fears I have yet to overcome…I love it all, I accept it all.💛I am grateful for my ethnically diverse ancestry and the serious risks all my grandparents took to come to California to be free to love each other and create families.💗I am grateful for my parents who have held me and fully, truly, completely supported me.💚I am grateful for my daughter who is my biggest and greatest cheerleader and teacher. I am grateful for my siblings who just love me for me.💞I am grateful for my partner who celebrates my unconventional way of life. I am grateful for my community of powerful friends who hold me and love me unconditionally.💜Today, as I reflect and celebrate I do believe I have everything I need to feel complete in my life at this time. So cheers to the first 39 incredibly educating and full years of my life!💋

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