Being Korean

On my social media feeds I have never really gone into detail about my dynamic ethnic background. I am 1/4 Korean,🇰🇷in my childhood home I was raised by my parents and my Halmony (Korean for Grandmother). My Halmony taught my siblings, my daughter, and myself the everyday Korean-American lifestyle. Take off your shoes when entering the home👟👞👡👠👢, beer and coffee are acceptable replacements for water🍻☕️, and NEVER EVER TOSS OUT THE DRIED CRUSTED RICE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE RICE POT🙀🍚!! Serious consequences for throwing food away! My Halmony may have been 4’11” and 80 lbs but my word was she scary, so we did our best to mind her. 🙌 The other day I made a pot of sticky rice (YUMMY) and discovered a gem at the bottom of the pot…golden brown, hard dried rice. To the non Korean person, this leftover crust gets tossed into the trash but in my family we make MUSHY RICE with that golden brown crusty stuff.🍘 My Halmony grew up in very unpredictable times, sometimes not knowing when her next meal would appear so she learned to use ALL the scraps, leftovers, etc. Halmony taught her grandchildren the philosophy of “Makee boil, makee good” translates to “Just add some water and bring it to a boil.” As children we called it Mushy Rice but my Halmony referred to it as Water Rice, it really is tasty. Here’s how it’s made: 

Scrape the bottom of your rice pot till all the rice is lifted from the pot. ➡️ Add enough water to cover your rice ➡️ Break up all the clumps of rice as best you can ➡️ Cover with a lid ➡️ Set your stove top to Medium High ➡️ Bring to a boil ➡️ Turn your stove down to low ➡️ Simmer for about 10-12 minutes or till your rice has become a porridge ➡️ Serve with soy sauce (I used Bragg’s Amino’s) and a few drops of sesame oil ➡️ Serve with kimchi, sea weed, meat dishes, or just by itself ➡️ As Halmony would say “Eat, Eat, Eat!” 

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