Look For The Signs


Wow! I can’t believe I captured this with my iPhone!! As I sit on my patio, meditating on wisdom and asking for guidance I heard a screech from a red tail hawk. I look up and its hovering above me, suspended in the sky. Wingspan fully open just gliding side to side. As I was looking up at him I noticed a rainbow. It’s not a rainy day here in Valley Ford, in fact the sky is vibrant blue. As I investigated further I noticed the rainbow was fully surrounding the sun. So I had to snap this pic of my sunshiny rainbow!🌈☀️🌈 I find this being called upon by Red Tail Hawk to look to the heavens only to find this sunshiny rainbow an absolute divine sign that I am in the perfect place in my life. I am so confident this is a divine sign because I named the Red Tail Hawk as one of my animal spirit guides a while back and I have been told I embody Hawk Medicine in my healing practice. I do believe Red Tail Hawk has never let me down, he only works with the greatest of intentions for me. My whole point to this post is ALWAYS LOOK FOR SIGNS. When you ask for guidance, your answers will be right in front of your face. Any coincidence is a sign, I do not believe in coincidences, I believe our guides leave us clues as to what they’re trying to tell us…the same numbers showing up repeatedly, a certain animal who comes to you often (whether it be invited or not), the same significant patterns from different random people you come across, spilling coffee on yourself in the same place of the house or office repeatedly, the same mishaps come up in your life that have nothing to do with you, etc. These are all signs left for you to pay extra attention so you can learn and grow. Sometimes the signs our guides leave for us are difficult to look at at dealing with but if we don’t face them, we will lose the chance to learn and grow. So keep an eye out for what your guides are telling you. Yes, it would be easier if they just came out and told us but it’s their job to make us work for it. ✨🌟☀️

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