Roller Skating to Wellness


 Muscle memory reeducation with roller skating! 6 months ago, I stopped running, jumping, weight lifting, squatting, and Pilates. My idea was to let go of muscle memories that were reiterating an old hip injury from being a hardcore athlete all of my life. No matter what I would do I couldn’t shake it with stretching, massage, and exercise. The only movement I had been doing for 5 months was yoga. In the last 3 weeks I have picked up roller skating as a fun activity with my friends. I grew up roller skating and thought it would be a great no impact workout. Little did I know how much of a difference it would make on my hip. My hip pain no longer bothers me on a daily, my sacrum and sacroiliac are not so vulnerable anymore, I can actually sit in Pigeon pose without pain, I can walk up stairs without my hip hurting, my posture is even improved! I will keep up with my skating and my yoga as injury rehab so I can run again without pain! I WILL run again but it will take a lot of work and belief in my wellness! 

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