Roadtrip Essentials


Roadtrip essentials! 🚙💨 Glutenfree Snacks😋✔️ #peets Americano☕️✔️ Rhianna on Pandora🎶✔️ Elephant Pants🐘👖✔️ Rolling in style!  @theelephantpants 💛🌟✨🐘✨🌟💛 These yoga pants are not just super comfy, colorful and hip but for every pair sold a donation is made to help save the elephants. The Elephant Pants donates $1 or $2 from every item sold to the African Wildlife Foundation for public awareness aimed at stopping the demand for illegal wildlife products, specifically ivory and rhino horn. What an awesome cause to contribute to! Checkout my Elephant Pants page on my website to get your Elephant Pants and help save the Ellies. 🐘💗🙏

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