Blast From My Past 

 A little story from my past…if you know me well, you know the significance of my coffee mug. J.M. Rosen’s  Waterfront Grill, a place I worked at for nearly 10 years. Sadly, Rosen’s Waterfront Grill is no longer in operation. I began working at Rosen’s at the age of 22 and was new to the world of fine dining. This job was very ego challenging and pushed me to think and perform under pressure. It taught me what hard work really entailed. The two women who owned it were ruthless in achieving their visions of exquisite food and perfect fine dining service. In order to survive the pressure of chef egos and dining room insanity I had to put my emotional agenda aside and work. It was incredibly difficult but I stayed and learned and gained an education I never could have received in college. There were three major factors for why I continued working at this establishment: the money, the menu, and the staff. The MONEY! Oh my, the incredible amounts of money I earned while working there. The tips at that restaurant at that time were off the hook. It was quite lucrative for a young mom, I was able to produce a wage that not many other jobs could provide. The MENU! The menu at this restaurant was amazing. The executive chef, Jan Rosen, told me a secret to her cooking and mixology: keep it simple. Too much is too much when blending flavors. She would take classic recipes and add her attitude and flare to them. She is brilliant in the kitchen, how this woman can cook is a divine gift! Her vision and driven chef artist self were very ego challenging yet great teachers for how to put ones nose to the grindstone to produce great income. The staff!My coworkers became part of my family. Working in restaurant is like being on a sports team, without strategy, teamwork and having each others backs, no one can succeed. We succeeded well and grew together as a family. To this day many of my closest friends are people I met while working that job. Reflecting upon that time brings me incredible gratitude for that life experience. That job taught me so much for personal growth. I look at my life today and how that job helped guide me to become the woman I love being.

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