Passionate Activism

 🇺🇸Wow! Amazing story! This is Army veteran Bob Trout (google him). He and his loyal puppy,🐶Maggie, are on a journey to create awareness for veteran services.🌟They have made 8 trips in 4 years, covering 5 states. He is a passionate activist who is looking to create change simply by cycling through the country. The starting point of this particular journey was Tempe, Arizona and he will end in Humbolt County, California. Bob has everything he owns with him and believes this is all he needs for his survival. He has his bike, his cart, a sleeping bag, a map, a gallon of water, a flip phone, his wallet, and the clothes on his back. He is very organized and articulate, has a set plan for where and how he travels. Maggie is very well mannered, friendly, happy, and healthy. Bob is a sharp cookie on a mission to help! He is the son and nephew of Vietnam veterans and has lived in the family dynamics of the after effects of war. He never served in a war himself but has been witness to the personal aftermath war creates for individuals and their families. He rides his bike, loves his puppy, loves his family, has a very intimate relationship with God, loves his country, and fearlessly speaks his truth. How do I know all of this? I drove by him on my way to run an errand, pulled over, flagged him down, and interviewed him. I’m a curious person, I can’t help but be outgoing like this. How serendipitous to meet such a powerful individual completely by chance. Thanks for your voice Bob! 🇺🇸🌟

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