Plant Based Commitment 

Hurray for veggies!! I just LOVE my veggies!! Especially if they’re organic!! The best health choice I’ve ever made was to commit to eating an organic plant based diet. The autoimmune disorder I gracefully live with is called psoriasis and is the reason I began to eat this way. Why? Because when I introduced a plant based diet my physical and mental health improved!!! My autoimmune disorder is linked to all the symptoms I used to live with…I used to ALWAYS be sick. My psoriasis was all over my elbows, hands, knees, shins, on my abdomen, and in my belly button. My fingernails and toenails started falling off. My belly was often bloated and I was nauseous constantly. I was sad a lot, like A LOT. My anxiety was debilitating. I struggled with my weight. I was tired all the time. It really was the pits!!🙈 NOT ANYMORE!!! 🍋🌱🌽🍆🍅🍃 I am in a place in my body and mind I never thought possible. My psoriasis is 95% gone! My nails are stronger and grow faster than ever! NO MORE TUMMY ACHES!!!😄 I’m ridiculously happy every day! I wake up every morning excited for what’s to come! Anxiety is no longer an issue, it’s gone. I am at a weight I’ve always wanted and it’s easy to maintain. This body/mind happy place is where I strive to stay and I will be able to maintain it through continuing to eat my veggies!! I do urge everyone to commit to eating more veggies! Your body and mind will be so much happier!!✨🌱🍃

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