Salmon Cakes 

Salmon cakes with avocado, served on glutenfree crustini topped with fresh dill, balsamic vinegar and Bragg’s Amino’s! Boom!😋 I paired it with a baby kale salad topped with raspberries and roasted yellow cherry tomatoes💛Boom boom!! This recipe was a quick whip up from leftovers that were sitting in my fridge. The salmon cakes were so easy!! 🌟

Salmon Cakes:

1 1/2 cups poached salmon🎣

2 cups mashed potatoes 

1/2 cup chopped steamed broccoli 

1 TBSP psyllium husk

1/3 cup water

In a mixing bowl combine all ingredients. Let it sit for about 5 minutes to allow the psyllium to thicken up. Scoop one tablespoon at time and form into small patties. Toss in an oiled frying pan til crispy on either side!😄So super yummy!! 

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