Elephant In The Room

🌟🐘Elephant In The Room is an anti bullying campaign I am proudly supporting🌟🌟 Bullying has followed me throughout my life, from childhood to my adulthood I have been subject to other people’s judgements and ridicule simply because I am different. For me, the end result has been a deep seeded, reoccurring thought pattern telling me I’m just not good enough. Having been excluded and made fun of all of my life for being my authentic self I absolutely appreciate this anti bullying awareness project. I must say at age 39 I am still working past old patterns of guilt and shame about not being good enough. Through campaigns like this I am prompted to look at myself and move forward into my healing, as well, I hope to help others move forward into theirs. To just tell my story is medicine in itself. I thank you The Elephant Pants for presenting Elephant In The Room.

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