My Christmas Juices

  My Christmas juices!🌱🎄🍃 Today was an epic day of enjoying treats I have not dared to eat in quite a while. It was awesome! I ate rice, kimchi, fried foods, sweet and sour sauce (I haven’t had sweet and sour sauce for about 10 years and it was heavenly), baked goods, homemade candy, and chocolate. Of course, my food choices were gluten free and mostly vegan/vegetarian, however, I pushed it farther than I have in a VERY long time. As I indulged in a way I have not allowed myself in years, I also took the time to gulp down my green juices. I started my day out with my usual quart of celery juice (it’s actually a smoothie as I use a high speed blender and not a juicer). Then I proceeded throughout my day munching on my treats. I had a quart of a celery, cilantro, cucumber, and apple smoothie around noon, another celery juice in the afternoon, and another celery, cilantro, cucumber, and apple smoothie as well in the late afternoon. I really was not sure what my consequences might be by indulging in such a way. Will I react with a psoriasis breakout, or terrible tummy ache or headache or swollen fingers or puffy face and eyes or bloated belly?!!!! No reaction beyond some redness on my small, existing psoriasis spots. I cannot believe it, I am experiencing what I was hoping for! I must say, since December 2nd I have consumed 90% raw, organic fruits and veggies which I believe prepped me for this indulgence. Today was an absolute affirmation that I AM healing myself. Oh happy day! This type of eating was for a celebration with my family and an absolute blessing!! But now back to my 90% raw organic dietary lifestyle to keep myself on track for absolute healing!!

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