Goodbye Psoriasis 

Heavy metal detox day 28 of 28 Personal Checkin…Completing the 28 day cleanse as guided by the NY Times best seller Medical Medium has helped me PROFOUNDLY! First of all I must say THANK YOU to the amazing Anthony William for publishing his book.  I have incredible gratitude for you!! ✨📘🍃😇🌱✨My psoriasis has not been this clear in 10 years…10 years! 10 freakin years!!! My psoriasis is ALMOST GONE! I forgot what my legs look like without red, itchy, scaly spots. My skin is extra soft. My complexion is dewey and flawless. My fingernails are super strong. I haven’t had a horrible tummy ache in weeks. IBS symptoms, outrageous bloating, uncomfortable gas, ouchie yucky tummy, loose stool…not happening. Recurring yeast infections…nada. Incredibly uncomfortable, nearly debilitating PMS…nope. Anxiety…far less. Energy level…OFF THE HOOK. I’m sleeping far less and like a champ. I wake up every morning with insane energy which stays consistent throughout the day. Joint pain…far less. I’m more flexible in my yoga practice. I have considerable nerve damage from degenerative disc disease yet my sciatica and nerve pain are nearly gone. I can focus better and my memory is better. I’m more calm, less stressed. The usual emotional triggers are not effecting me. I’m even making better choices with my finances. The sky looks more blue, the clouds are fluffier, and flowers smell better. I shit you not! EVERYTHING IS BETTER! Yes, everything is better, yet I’m going to begin a second round of 28 days tomorrow! Why? Because my y skin is not fully cleared yet so I am giving it a go for ANOTHER 28 days!! I cannot wait to share my results, to inspire, and invite others to join me and heal themselves! It IS possible, I don’t just think it’s possible, I know it’s possible because I’M LIVING IT!! ✨🌿😇🌱🌟 

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