Herxing Again?

#detox Round2 Day 5 of 28 and I’m having Herxheimer reaction. Ha! This far into cleansing, I’m Herxing again! I feel that I must be totally transparent about my processes on this cleanse journey so I must be honest and share what is happening. I actually thought I was past the Herxheimer reaction but nope, here I am. As we detox, our immune system reacts to the toxins being released and large amounts of pathogens are being killed off and the body may not eliminate the toxins quick enough, this is called a Herxheimer reaction. I am living it today. Because of this, I will drink extra water as well I might get a massage to assist the release of the toxicity I volunteered my body for and allow the process. Herxing can take an emotional toll on us when we are so loyal to our cleansing. This is not a time for woes but a time for celebration! If I’m Herxing today I know my body is purging toxicity from deep within my being. That is exciting! Knowing this and having absolute faith in my processes I shall have the patience of Jobe and honor the process. 🌟🙏😇 

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