My Path

  Grateful beyond words…this is a pic of my daughter and I celebrating my 40th birthday together a week ago. And there will be a celebration tonight as well, hehe!! As I am now in the 4th decade of my life I have found the teachings I received by becoming a mother at 18 years old and figuring out how to adult as I raised a child as a very young single mother was the very path I was supposed to take. It was the right thing for me and I am so very grateful for this path! Had I not gone the direction I chose…I would not have become Paula’s Mommy, I would not have learned how to be frugal yet provide beautifully, I would not have learned amazing recipes from the chefs I worked with as I waited tables to make a living, I would not have learned mixology as I also bartended to make ends meet, I would not have been influenced to become a massage therapist at the age of 23 which opened my eyes to alternative healing modalities, I would not have taken that math class where I met the man I now plan to spend the rest of life with, I would not have met many of my best friends, I would not have the relationships I have with my family members…I would not be exactly who I am right now had I not gone in the exact direction I chose. Yes, it was difficult and I often felt alone and afraid. But come to find out the loneliness, the fear, and the tears were all part of my course. Life is full of mystery so I choose to go in the direction of my heart and my spirit which often is a more difficult route but the goodness I have found along the way has been so worth it. I am just in awe at the way life can unfold simply by following ones heart and spirit. Cheers to life being blissful no matter what direction I go. And tonight I choose to go in the direction of extreme bliss with my friends and family as we dress in costumes as Angels😇 and have yet another birthday celebration for me! Yee!!!

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