My Divine Path

#medicalmedium #cleanse 💗🌟 Day 89 Personal Checkin. I finished my last round of 28 days of the cleanse a few days ago but didn’t post about it because I knew I was not complete. As I had said in past posts, I planned on this cleanse journey becoming my lifestyle and it now has become so. Yes, I have integrated the Medical Medium guidance into my daily processes AND I LOVE IT, so I commit to never letting go of these daily processes… morning celery smoothies, daily green smoothies, self forgiveness practices, eating mostly raw vegan, calling upon my Angels daily, gentle creative exercise, spending time observing nature, daily meditation.. My personal observations from the last 89 days of living these processes…my psoriasis is still visible but the most clear it has been in 10 years and it continues to disappear more everyday, NO TUMMY ACHES, regular eliminations💩, I am far more calm and hopeful, I feel less frustrated and stressed out, I’ve almost forgotten about anxiety and depression, no metallic taste in my mouth, my ability to manifest income has become more potent, I’m getting super restful sleep, Herxheimer reactions are not apparent, ENERGY LEVEL LIKE A ROCKET SHIP (seriously, my energy level is off the hook), my creativity is bursting, better mental clarity, my relationships with my loved ones are deeper than ever, I am more confident, my back/sciatic/nerve/joint pain are not noticeable, PMS and hormonal cycles are far more comfortable, my fingernails are super strong, Candida yuckies are almost gone, no crazy food cravings, my skin is super soft and my complexion is glowing, my light worker/intuitive/psychic abilities are becoming far more potent it’s almost unreal… EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE IS BETTER, EASIER, HAPPIER. So I will continue these processes as my lifestyle and not step away from what has given me my life back. And I will continue to share this lifestyle to give others hope that they too can breakthrough because I believe everyone deserves to live this bliss. So I choose to be a beacon of hope for people to heal themselves, it is my pleasure to do so. It is my path, my duty, my divine calling😇🙏 

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