One Year Apart

#psoriasis #beforeandafter Freakin triumphant! The pic to the left is me from 3/12/15 the pic to the right is me today 3/2/16. As I scoured my archives this morning I found it difficult locating an older snapshot of my psoriasis, because before seeing major progress I never wanted to photograph my spots. So serendipitous the older pic is from almost exactly a year ago to truly show the profound difference a year of diligence can make! Oh happy day! Seeing the older pic today just blew my mind! Looking back I now remember how uncomfortable, lumpy and dry it was. And now it’s not! My progress is completely attributed to a gluten free plant based diet, self care, and absolute belief! I couldn’t take meds to do this because pharmaceutical medicine in any form makes me incredibly ill. Eating beef, poultry, or pork to do this was not possible because when I was a meat eater I was always flared up. Positive language, slowing down and adding more relaxation and calm into my life was a must because negative thoughts and stress in any manner flare me terribly. Angels and guides have had my back because as soon as I started asking for their help I began to see signs showing me I was going in the correct direction. I have always believed everything that happens is due to divine order but couldn’t figure out why psoriasis was divinely part of my path until recently. As I have journeyed this path I have helped SO MANY PEOPLE look toward the light they have been seeking just because I lovingly and honestly share my story. So while I heal I help others heal as well and I could not be more honored to be divinely chosen for this task. Thank you divine light, thank you organic fruits and veggies, thank you to my tribe who has unconstitutionally stood by me, thank you Organic Olivia and Medical Medium for sharing your stories to influence my healing, and thank you Mom and Dad for ALWAYS believing in me. Cheers to true healing! It is possible! 😇🙏 

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