Purrfect Healing Session

 💛🍓Talk about a healing session, this is purrfect!! A sun bath in the garden, munching on organic yummies while hanging with my fur baby! As a light worker, intuitive healer, and professional bodyworker I have discovered healing “sessions” can be activities such as this. Healing modalities come in so many forms and our healing practitioners can be the sun, our pets, or the plants in our gardens. In my work I give so much physically, emotionally, and spiritually that it is necessary for me to take breaks like this on a DAILY basis, if I don’t I become very ill. We often think of healing sessions as being acupuncture treatments, chiropractic, massage therapy, yoga, etc. As well, we may focus negativity upon taking a break daily to ground in and take a load off as being a form of laziness or an unnecessary luxury. Self care is a must for future wellness, taking a daily break to chill out is self care not laziness or an unnecessary luxury. As a wellness practitioner I find it crucial for everyone to take a break and ground in with mind/body/spirit nourishment on a daily basis. Simple acts of daily self care are to honor self, we all give so much to our daily lives and everyone deserves to be honored. 

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