Confession time…I am on Day 12 of 28 of the Medical Medium 100% raw vegan protocol. I hadn’t told this story because I honestly didn’t have the wherewithal to do so. But today I finally have the clarity to share…I suffered a tremendous flare beginning on March 20. As a result I have been eating 100% raw vegan since the day after this flare began. When big flares like this strike they can take some time to diffuse so I knew I had to work impeccably on this eruption. This particular flare did not coincide with any food or emotional triggers, I had been diligent yet gentle with my metal detoxing and 90% raw vegan diet. So when this eruption hit I surrendered to the process, gave myself permission to rest, have extra snuggles with my kitty, and go 100% raw. I am so glad I honored myself in such a way because this flare has been my worst eruption since October 2015 which manifested into Shingles. This is another piece of my journey I am just now sharing, I had Shingles twice in 2015 which was the scariest experience of my life. So when this flare hit me with cracking and bleeding psoriasis, joint and nerve pain, anxiety, fatigue, nausea, headache, hives, bloating, brain fog, numbness, tingling….I became incredibly concerned as my Shingles eruptions began in such a way. I decided the best way to diffuse my physical and emotional pain was to find myself back in the dance with the Medical Medium 28 day 100% raw vegan cleanse. As I do my best to keep grounded in my journey to wellness, it has sometimes feels like a major battle. But today I feel far more hope than any other time in my healing journey. The difference between this flare and any other eruption in my past is my relationship with Anthony William the Medical Medium. I have never met Anthony personally but his writings and spiritual inspiration have been the catalyst to the most potent healing I have discovered for myself. With the support from my loved ones, inspiration from my amazing social media autoimmune blogger tribe, the guidance from Anthony William’s brilliant writing, and my trust in the process I’ve got this. With incredible amounts of gratitude, I humbly surrender to this process.

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