My Journey

💫🙋🏽💗  My Medical Medium protocol journey thus far…4 months ago I received my first copy of #medicalmedium, that day I began consuming mass quantities of raw fruits and veggies. After a 12 year food as medicine wellness journey I was nearly carb and sugar free, therefore I was eating no fruit, so the Medical Medium protocol was a blessing. Amongst enjoying the splendor of eating fruit, the next day I began a diligent routine of morning celery smoothies. For the first month of the protocol I ate 100% raw for the exception of approximately 6 days. Within that first month I noticed relief in my psoriasis and digestion. As well, I experienced multiple flares of emotional and physical discomfort I was not prepared for. I suffered anxiety, the feelings of fear and loneliness, confusion, nausea, congestion, ear pain, swishing sounds in my ears, tremors in my right arm and hand, shooting and stinging nerve pain, tingling, numbness, brain fog, hives, little Candida flares, crazy body odor, wild dreams, joint pain, puffy eyes, sour taste in my mouth, tremendous fatigue. Within that first month of this journey I suffered such pain but I also experienced spurts of awesome clarity and great energy, as if I was being given little glimpses of what it could be like if I just kept going. As I entered my second month I committed to a diligent vegan 90% raw diet. Again, I lived through the tremendous physical and emotional discomforts described above. However, I concurrently had profound breakthroughs in regards to my psoriasis, my digestion, and much more. I began to further own the journey and the flow of the  multiple flares.  As I approached the middle of the third month, enjoying steady improvements I was hit with an incredibly intense physical and emotional flare. I was truly afraid it would manifest into Shingles, so I instantly put myself on the 100% raw vegan cleanse again. The first 14 days of this surrender again surfaced intense emotional and physical pain but has now eased profoundly! 🙋🏽💓💛🍓 Today is Day 18 of 28 of this cleanse phase and the relief in my psoriasis, my digestion, my anxiety, and overall comfort is mind blowing! I feel physically light and fluid, calm, on point, at ease, no swishing in my ears, no signs of Candida, no numbness or tingling for the last few days, less nerve and joint pain, no hives, deep fulfilling sleep, less swelling around my eyes, no yucky taste in my mouth, long lasting energy. 129 days deep into this journey and I am blown away at the struggles as well as the triumphs. I am incredibly excited about the relief I have received from this entire journey! I am farther along at this point in my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing than I have ever been in my life, this is something to celebrate! This journey has been one of the most difficult tasks of my life but I am so grateful to have found it. I now possess incredible wisdom and knowledge about healing, about myself and about the world I would have never been able to tap into had I never embarked on this road to wellness. The pain, the fear, as well as the positive changes have all been part of my journey, so I honor it all with love, acceptance, and grace. ✨🌿🙏🌟

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