Medical Medium Vegan Protocol Day 149 Personal Checkin 

Medical Medium Vegan Protocol Day 149 Personal Checkin 🙋🏽🍓🌱🍌🍃 In the last number of weeks I have been going at full capacity with multiple projects and a heavy work load. In the recent past I would have not been able to handle such busyness without physically breaking down. I always involve myself in projects that I have such passion for and I easily burn myself out because I’m enjoying what I’m doing and I don’t realize I’m working so hard. But recently, the weeks have gone by and I have been going at full capacity yet I find myself feeling balanced and well rested. I believe in the last 149 days I have repaired so much from the processes I have been implementing into my life that I can keep up with the load I recently presented myself. A very important piece to this share is that I have not been raw vegan the entirety of this journey. I opened my journey with eating raw vegan mostly throughout the first month, then allowed myself 90% raw until recently. 38 days ago I committed to eating strictly raw directly following my last flare and have stuck to raw ever since. I am really enjoying this raw vegan thing by the way, it’s fun, fulfilling, and satisfying and has seemed to push me into another phase. Something has shifted yet again and I am in even more bliss and living in even more clarity and calm. Calm throughout my entire being. My mind, body, and Spirit are feeling so aligned and happily functioning together. How exciting, I never thought I could be at such a level of productivity for so many weeks without having a breakdown or a flare! So good! 🌟💛😇 This journey has been so profound, I praise Anthony William everyday, I share my journey with everyone I know, I cannot get over how it has changed my life! Again, I surrender even further into the process as I cannot wait to see what’s to come!!

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