100% Raw Veggie Power

   Day 40…100% Raw Vegan Protocol Personal Checkin✨🙋🏽 The photo to the left is of my right knee on March 20, 2016 which was a massive #psoriasis and overall inflammation flare day for me. The photo to the right is as well my right knee today, April 30, 2016, such relief! I began the 100% raw vegan protocol the day following my flare. Today is day 40 of 100% raw veggie power and that veggie power has diffused my psoriasis and overall inflammation like magic!! Yes, inflammatory flares can call for weeks of recovery. This raw vegan process has been the only process to help me move through such a flare with such success. AMAZING!! I am eternally grateful!🌟🙌🍃✨😇🍌💛🙏 

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