Serendipity and Gratitude 

 ✨About a month ago I received a message from a woman living locally in my area, that she was very inspired by my journey and she would love to meet me. She found my journey on Instagram through Medical Medium and saw I was local to her area and she felt compelled to reach out to me. With absolute excitement and gratitude I accepted her request to connect, so she sent me her contact info via direct message on IG. 📲 I texted her and rather quickly I received a response saying, “Why do I have your number already saved in my phone? Do I know you? Are you the Michelle I used to work with?”😳 Come to find out we did have a work history together and we authenticity connected on many levels, very deeply. Life happened, she moved away and we just lost connection. She moved back, discovered Medical Medium, found me on IG and reached out. 🌟 Today we meet at an amazing plant based restaurant, had matching smoothies, then talked and talked and talked and talked. Then we went to a local health food store and nerded out in the raw food section, then we sat in my car and talked even longer!!! 💛👯💛OMGoodness! What a blessing from heaven!! A very important heart connection has been rekindled in my life!! The beauty of divine timing! The awesomeness of random acts in our lives! More amazing occurrences happening in my life thanks to Medical Medium!! So much goodness!! I surrender even further🙋🏽 

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