Sports Mom: My Story

 🏆🏐Going through storage and came upon this, it’s a fan for waving in the crowd from the sidelines to cheer for my daughter and her teammates. In ’09 her high school team won EVERYTHING, it was certainly an exciting season! For 13 years I was a volleyball mom, which means I was a taxi, a vending machine, an ATM machine, a pack mule, an emotional placeholder, a female athlete psychological expert, a mediator, a chaperone, a referee… If not for my parents and siblings I don’t know how I would have done it. My daughter, Paula, played at an extremely high elite level for multiple years that nearly broke me emotional, financially, and physically. It nearly broke her too but something inside of her wanted to keep going back and keep playing. It was what we were called do, be heavily involved in volleyball. It’s been nearly 7 years since my daughter was in her first year of high school volleyball. I did everything I could just to give her the opportunity to play her sport. Volleyball was life and life was volleyball. We both worked so hard back then, I worked and provided and she busted her bunz on that volleyball court and in the classroom. Now, life is very, very different. She doesn’t play volleyball any longer, she decided after 13 years of playing to step away to pursue even bigger goals. (She is very driven and goal oriented. I’m so proud) We now reminisce about the hundreds (nearly thousands) of hours she dedicated to her sport. We now talk about what’s next in life, we laugh, we cry, we hold each other to account, we swap clothes, we share music, we are friends. Those times back in the past made our relationship what it is today…the hard stuff, the easy stuff, the yucky stuff, the good stuff. Every part of our journey together was perfect and still is. I am so proud of what we have accomplished. We believed in each other and we were always truthful with each other, we are now solidly a unit of trust and love. I wouldn’t change our journey for anything. We are perfect, she is perfect, being Paula’s Mommy has been the greatest gift life could have ever gifted me.

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