My Daughter, My Healer

Oh joy! I received this awesome vegan foodie pic from my daughter. She’s a great cook🍲, an avid vegetarian🍉 and cruelty free advocate🐓🐏🐄🐀🐠🦃. I love her SOOOO much and am just so proud of her! She is a powerful woman who lives the life she believes in and she is truly happy🙆🏽🌟Blessed be!! As I have said in past posts, she has been my most potent healer🙌. She has been the catalyst to my deepest healing, from the beginning she has influenced me to be my best self.🌟 She was even the one who originally influenced me to go vegetarian.🍓💕🍉💛🍒 She was born when I was 18 and I believe that is when I began my personal growth journey. I had this little person to guide, teach, and be responsible for👶🏻. Such a profound journey for an 18 year old girl. I didn’t know how to be a grown up, I made so many mistakes, I cried so much, I was so overwhelmed🙈. But from the very beginning something inside of me said, “Hold her to account. Teach her how to speak her truth. Always be honest with her. Always answer her questions. Always tell her how important she is. Let her have her opinion. Let her argue with you. Listen to her. Always tell her the truth. Always honor her truth. Apologize when need be. Never judge her.” Those are some deep commitments to make but I made them and stuck to them.💪🏽 It was so difficult and humbling. I’m not naturally a patient, tactful, and graceful person but I am now thanks to raising my daughter in the fashion I chose💕 If she had a difficult question or prompted a difficult discussion topic I answered honestly and gave her non bias, real answers😳. At all stages of her development, if she asked about adversity with friends, female development, sex, birth control, drugs, alcohol, politics, religion, ethics…I honesty answered without judgement or bias. That is so hard to do. That is potent medicine💛 Such transparency and humble honestly teaches grace, tact, and patience. The education she gave me, the personal growth, the humility I gained are all powerful healing. I thank the heavens for sending me such powerful medicine and am eternally grateful for the process🙏

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