Healing My Family

 This is my daughter, Paula, and her big boy, Musique! Musique is a former race horse and stakes winner, which means he performed so well that his success created a little fame. But nowadays he’s happily retired and gets to run around and play all day everyday! He has a beautiful life! 

He is my moms horse but a large part of our family and I’m so proud of the work my mom is doing with him! Musique came into our lives unexpectedly and he has brought nothing but goodness, he and Paula have been in love since the moment they met!
Musique and Paula used to spend countless hours together and as a young girl one of her most trusted confidants was Musique. He has always been there unconditionally for her and that is priceless! But her life became very busy, so school, work, and her athletics took precedence over her time with Musique. 
Paula doesn’t ride as much as she used to but she and Musique obviously did not skip a beat! He’s been one of Paula’s best friends since she was about 10 years old and their relationship continues to blossom! To see them together fills my heart! 
I love this big guy so much! He is a healer, an Angel, a kind soul, a silly guy, a clown, a flirt, and a big giant puppy dog! Musique is an example of honesty, love, and loyalty! I am incredibly grateful for Musique and the beautiful impact he has made on my family! 

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