Process of Elimination 

Happy Wednesday Loves! Here’s my story of my 10 years of process which has lead me to healing my body of IBS, psoriasis, heavy metal/pesticide toxicity in my liver, Shingles, neurological fatigue, adrenal fatigue, Epstein Barr Virus, and Streptococcus. Western nor Eastern Doctors did NOT guide me, any medical intervention only made my illness worse, this was a self guided journey. 

Enjoy and thank you for your support!
🙋🏽🌯🌿Pictured is raw organic veggies on a raw vegan flatbread! I wrapped this up and munched it down for dinner and loved every bite!

 10 years ago I was suffering terribly from IBS and psoriasis and heard that gluten was something that could possibly be an irritant to my system so I decided to “try” to eliminate it. I thought, “There is no possible way I can stay away from bread, pastries, pizza, or sandwiches.” After eliminating gluten my health improved incredibly which in turn convinced me to stay far away from gluten. 

Nearly 5 years ago when I first transitioned from being a meat eater to vegetarian to again help my health issues, I thought, “How can I possibly go a day without meat?” Well, I made the transition, it was easier than I thought, low and behold my health began to improve further. 

About 2.5 years ago I transitioned away from dairy and alcohol. I was again trying to let go of illness. Again, I thought, “There’s no way I’ll be able to stay away from ice cream, cheese, or wine!” Those eliminations were actually easier than letting go of meat and yes, my health improved further. 

Fall 2015 I had Shingles for the second time in 9 months, I was more sick than I have ever been. I had never experienced illness such as that bout of Shingles. I was terrified but refused to take medications. So I researched like crazy and discover staying away from grains and legumes could help my Shingles symptoms. I visited the US Nation Library of Medicine, medical journals from all over the world, and scoured the FDA website and studied like crazy! 

What I learned from weeks of research from a collaboration of clinical studies around the world was staying away from gluten, meat, dairy, legumes, grains, alcohol, MSG, artificial sweeteners, food coloring, preservatives, derivatives of foods, flavor enhancers, xylitol, emulsifiers, and medications may help improve my health. 

Well, I eliminated them all! And here I am now, healthy, happy, no IBS, psoriasis almost gone, Shingles symptoms diminishing. There are no words to express my gratitude, it was a terribly rough, scary, lonely journey but what I gained was my life back and I am forever grateful for the process!

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