Before and After 

 Sober life plus vegan living equals a serious glowing glow!☀️

 Believe me, I know because I used to make alcohol swigging, meat eating, and dairy consuming daily practices. The unfiltered pic to the left is me at age 33, the unfiltered pic to the right, is me now at age 40. The drastic difference in my appearance is a reflection of the cleanliness of my body and the personal growth I’ve experienced having let go of substances that do not allow my liver to let go of toxicity.

 🌟 Being a psoriasis sufferer, it is imperative for me to be good to my liver as I was born with heavy metal and pesticide toxicity in my liver.🙀I learned about this toxicity from Medical Medium and how it feeds Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) which I also host in my liver. The feeding of EBV in turn makes psoriasis flare and grow.😳The liver cannot let go of toxicity if it is sluggish from the consumption of fat, refined sugar, and chemicals.

With a vegan, grain free, gluten free, low fat, high carb diet and lowering stress I have been able to allow my liver to take a break from holding onto the stuff that was making me sick, depressed, bloated, and psoriasis ridden.🍃🍒🌿🍉☘🍓 

Now that my liver has had the chance to “dump out” old toxicity, my mind and body are at a cleanliness I have never known!😇After 13 years of suffering from psoriasis it’s almost gone, I rarely want to wear makeup anymore, and I have lost nearly 50 lbs since the pic on the left was taken.

 I am happy and feel good all the time!👏👏👏 I do not have any want to go back to the way I used to live. I love everything about my life, I make better choices than I ever have,🙋🏽 I can take on more work and be less fatigued, I’m more organized, I have far stronger personal boundaries,💪 I can stand up for myself far more gracefully, if someone treats me poorly I don’t really care, the personal relationships I choose to allow into my life are far more uplifting and motivating, I know that no animals must suffer to feed me which brings peace to my being,💖🐮🐷🐔🐟💖 I live in more peace than I ever have, I am happier than I have ever been. 

I love this life, my new reality…cheers to understanding and implementing the process to true health!

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