Cafe Grateful Santa Cruz, California 

Thoroughly satisfied and oh so happy!🙆🏽 

Since going 100% raw vegan and grain less I have not dared to eat at a restaurant for fear of some sort of contamination as I am so sensitive.🙅🏽 But I stepped away from my fears today and stepped into 😍Cafe Gratitude in Santa Cruz, California! 

As usual I asked for the manager so I could go down my list of many many questions about the menu📝After going over about 10 minutes worth of questions the menu passed my test and I actually ordered food! The manager was incredibly patient and kind by the way!!💞 

This is a triumph for me as I have not eaten any restaurant food since March of this year. Being a serious foodie and a former fine dining California Cuisine and French Cuisine restaurant server I have a serious appreciation for food and food service😉

 I give Cafe Gratitude Santa Cruz a ’10 times 10′ 💯‼️and many thumbs ups👍👍👍👍👍 

Pictured is the Fulfilled Cafe Salad to the right and the Amore Caprese Sandwich (minus the bread) to the left. 🍃Fulfilled Cafe Salad: spring greens, seasonal veggies, avocado, sunflower sprouts, almond-sunflower Parmesan, and garlic tahini 🍅🌿Amore Caprese Sandwich: cashew mozzarella cheese(so good), hemp seed-basil pesto(so so so good), lemon juice(substituted for a balsamic reduction), fresh spinach, tomato, avocado with romaine substituted for the bread. 

I ate it ALL!!🐷 Hehe. Had to grab a smoothie for the road which I will post next! I am so stuffed…food coma🌿🍅🍋🍃😲💤😉 

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