Healing Humility 

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.” ― Walt Whitman 🙏 

Overlooking the setting sun and coastal California redwoods during a solo dining experience tonight.☀️🌲 
The healing process can be very humbling and emotionally challenging and the last few weeks have presented a pretty deep emotional low for me so I have been doing everything I can to keep positive. Lots of prayers, meditation, alone time, sleep, connecting with the Earth, creativity, mass quantities of fruits, veggies, herbal teas, and medicinal mushrooms, connecting with my mom, connecting with my daughter, and connecting with true friends have been my uplifting recipe and I do feel I am on the upswing. 
I do have absolute gratitude for every aspect of this process, many lessons of humility, patience, and acceptance have come to me in the past few weeks, so I hold onto the lessons as medicine and continue to move forward with my face toward the sunlight.🙌
Tonight’s dinner was preceded with prayers to God, the Sun, the Angel of Sun, the Angel of Light, the Angel of Faith, the Angel of Relationships, the Angel of Peace and basking in the setting sunlight. This plate I lovingly prepared for myself was awesomely beautiful, grounding, and uplifting✨consisting of avocado, raw cauliflower and purple cabbage rice, fat free raw zucchini pesto smothered maitake mushrooms over a bed of spinach then drizzled with lime juice, sprinkled with red onion, sea salt and cayenne pepper. 
With much appreciation and gratitude, blessings to all.💛 

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