Prebiotic Pesto


Prebiotic Pesto is not the most pallet appetizing name for a dish, however, it is incredibly exciting in the world of someone with psoriasis. This blend of Earth medicine is a modified recipe I received from my Ayurvedic Practitioner. The premise behind this healing food is to soothe and calm my hot belly, renew my belly flora, clear my psoriasis, and calm my mind.

Today’s project was big, so I used mass quantities of produce in this batch. It will be about one months worth of insanely decadent nutritious yumminess.

Today’s recipe:

1 bunch organic dandelion greens

5 fresh approximately 3 inch long turmeric roots

2 bunches organic cilantro

1 bunch organic parsley

1 whole fennel bulb, stalks and all

2 cups toasted organic sunflower seeds

2 1/2 cups organic sunflower seed oil

2 TBSP Celtic Grey Sea Salt

Chop your veggies enough to be nice to your food processor, the smaller I chop my pieces the quicker my machine can get the job done. Feed your produce into your machine until everything is mixing together. Let process until your mixture is smooth. I processed this batch for about 35 minutes.


I use dandelion greens for their prebiotic benefits. Prebiotics are non digestible or partially digestible foods that stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria in the colon. They are found in quite a few foods but due to my psoriasis some prebiotic foods are on my not foods to consume list, so this is why I choose dandelion greens. These greens are a green nutrition tool for anyone. They contain 103 milligrams of calcium per one cup chopped fresh. They are high in vitamin K which is highly beneficial for cardiovascular health, it is heart healthy! Vitamin K also aids in building and keeping bone mass as well as used to treat for Alzheimer’s. It is also a good source of Folate, Magnesium, Phosphorus and Copper, and a very good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Calcium, Iron, Potassium and Manganese. It truly promotes digestion and bone health. Check out the link below for the USDA the nutrition breakdown of dandelion greens.


Fresh turmeric root has a long history of use in both the culinary and healing arts. I love to use it in my cooking for both flavor and healing qualities. I describe fresh finely chopped turmeric as tasting like a cross between a carrot and fresh parsley, it’s slightly sweet, earthy, and refreshing. The healing qualities of this food are off the charts. The anti inflammatory properties are well known in the natural healing world. The compound curcumin is found in turmeric and highly regarded in the medical world for its anti cancer qualities, anti inflammatory qualities, aiding in healthy cerebral function, and  it is effective against chronic debilitating diseases. Dr. Andrew Weil recommends turmeric for treating Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and cancer.

Checkout Dr Weil’s input on this amazing food below:

Checkout the USDA  nutrition database for turmeric below:


Cilantro is widely used in the culinary arts world wide but did you know it aids in digestion? Cilantro is very soothing and cooling. It is used for heavy metal detoxing. 100 grams, about 2 cups of chopped cilantro gives you 225% of your daily value of vitamin A, an important fat soluble vitamin that is required for healthy mucus membranes and skin. 100 grams chopped cilantro gives you 258% of your daily vitamin K, as I mentioned earlier, it promotes cardiovascular health, bone density retention, and is used in Alzheimer’s treatments. Cilantro  also contains high amounts of iron, manganese, and vitamin C. All great for red blood cell production, brain function, and immune system.

Check out the USDA nutritional database on fresh cilantro below:


Parsley is so incredible! When researching this herb, I about freaked out because the list of health benefits just kept coming. I thought I had to search high and low and into the depths of the ocean to find something so incredibly powerful. But low and behold, Italian Parsley is where it is at for a super ultra power food! It is anti septic, high in dietary fiber, rich in anti oxidants, and ultra high in iron. It is perhaps the riches source of vitamin K in the herb world, 100 grams of parsley will give you 1366% of your daily value for vitamin K. 100 grams of  parsley will give you  220% of vitamin C, 281% of vitamin A, 77.5% of iron, 38% of folate, 14% of calcium, and 12% potassium daily values! Wow! So many reasons to eat fresh parsley! Cardio vascular health, bone calcium absorption and bone mass retention, skin health, red blood cell production, blood pressure, heart rate regulation, brain function, digestive support. It is so much fun to take inventory on the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition values of super foods, at least it is for me. Hehe.

Checkout the USDA nutritional database for fresh parsley below:


Fennel is another one of those plants used in culinary and healing arts. Its light refreshing anise flavor gives any dish a fresh pick me up whether used in a stir fry or chopped fresh in a salad fennel is a tasty treat. It also doubles as a smooth fire fighter putting out the fire in my  hot spazzy gut! Fennel is great for going in there and putting out that frantic fire. It stimulates digestion and works as an antispasmodic, relaxing the smooth lining of the digestive tract. Fennel is used to ease gas, bloating, indigestion, irritable bowel, bad breath, cough, sinus congestion. Fennel is ‘carminative’, which means it prevents the formation of gas in the intestinal tract. It is high in vitamin K, vitamin C, calcium, folate, copper, potassium, dietary fiber, anti oxidants and is highly anti inflammatory. Fennel also promotes lactation and calms female hormonal discomfort. Fennel is fantastic for soothing digestion and it is super yummy and versatile for culinary use.

Checkout the USDA nutritional database for fennel below:


Stove top toasted sunflower seeds are not just pallet pleasing but these guys are so good to our bodies, I’m not sure which I appreciate more, their yummy flavor or their extraordinary health benefits. These guys are so helpful for boosting wellness, they must be celebrated!

Sunflower Seeds, dried 1/4 cup contains these daily values: 82% of vitamin E , 70% of copper, 43% of vitamin B1, 34% of manganese, 34% of selenium ,33% of phosphorus, 28% of magnesium , 28% vitamin B6, 20% of folate, 18% of vitamin B3. That deserves a round of applause!

Sunflower seeds are a power food just waiting to help with inflammation, free radicals, brain function, muscle function, and bone health.

Checkout the USDA nutritional database for sunflower seeds below:


To get keep this recipe nice and oiled up I chose sunflower seed oil, I like to use sunflower seed oil because it has a light flavor and its very high flash point. I like to use it in salad dressings and baking as well as frying and sautéing foods. I appreciate sunflower seed oils high flash point, an oil with a high flash point will keep from creating carcinogens when cooking at high temperatures.

The health benefits of sunflower seed oil are almost identical to the seeds it is pressed from only it does not contain the fiber its original body carries. The vitamin E factor is still in full effect in this awesome oil! Anti oxidants galore and anti inflammatory as all heck.

Checkout the USDA nutritional database for sunflower seed oil below:

IMG_4775Grey salt, oh how I love you and all the benefits you bring to me! Oh, the goodness of Celtic Grey Sea Salt! There 82 trace mineral found in this miracle from the Earth.

A list of benefits of consuming Celtic Grey Sea Salt:

1) Alkalize the body
2) Balance blood sugars
3) Eliminate mucus buildup
4) Build immunity
5) Improve brain function
6) Increase energy
7) Provide electrolyte balance
8) Promote restful sleep
9) Prevent muscle cramps
10)Regulate heartbeat and blood pressure

Celtic sea salt is great for athletes, stressful lives, and anybody who would like to improve mind body wellness. It is a great addition to any kitchen for flavor and health benefits.


After running my Cuisinart to its highest capacity, I now have this awesomeness to feed my mind and body with. I like to do big food project days and freeze almost everything for quick easy meals in the future. One of these containers will last me a week of pastas sauces, chip dips, sandwich spreads, salad dressings, omelette filling, pizza sauce…oh the list of ways to consume this decadent masterpiece!

Let Them Find Their Own Consequences

Finding something you really don’t want to see when you are digging deep to find it, will hurt you. Giving unsolicited advice in a forceful manner will burn you. They’re not good risks and not worth it. Seeking pain, diligently seeking what you don’t want to find, finding it then ridiculing the beholder of it. I don’t want to find poop on the bottom of my shoes so I steer clear of piles of poop. If I choose to walk through a field of someone else’s poop there is a chance I will step in it and I really don’t want to get someone else’s poop on my shoes. I certainly do not reprimand someone else for the color, shape, size, or smell of their poop, I don’t have time for that, I have my own poop to work through. The same with someone else’s personal business, I do not go traipsing through peoples personal junk and I certainly don’t tell people what they should be doing to learn lessons, its none of my business even it is my own child.
I adopted the practice of staying out of others personal business and refraining from giving unsolicited advice, and wow, what rich relationships I have cultivated. Abiding by this practice was difficult when my daughter was a young teen just budding into her own individualism and testing boundaries. Instead of telling her what I believed she ‘needed’ to do to be successful, I let her find her own consequences. She would not learn by hearing her mothers stories of struggle and adversity, she needed to live through her own struggles to truly learn lessons. As a typical teen would do she tested the waters of curiosity but almost drown. It was a scary time in my parenting because I saw behaviors in my child I had never seen before.
During these struggles of will I never found myself go through her personal belongings, I always respected the boundaries of her space and she knew that. I did believe, had I invaded upon her space I would have found evidence to further make me more disgruntled. The lack of my going behind her back kept our relationship honest, it kept her feeling safe, that I respected her personal space. It gave her freedom to know she was not being invaded upon.
However, I did tell her if she gave me reasons to look for evidence of drug, alcohol, food, sex, or any physical self destructive abuse/disorder then I would certainly intervene and snoop. I did find that her behaviors were normal, nothing out of the ordinary for a teen who had lived with common adversities. Come to find out she was far ahead of the curve, beyond where she should have been. If she was processing in a non typical fashion, it was on the upside of the curve. She was moving beyond her adversities and blocks at an accelerated pace. She was digging herself out of her typical teen, self induced collapse and learning her own lessons.
Now, she is an independent woman who finds comfort in expressing with her mother her hopes and dreams, ups and downs, goals and visions. The topics that are presented in our conversations are those of a great depth and vulnerability. The greatest strengths of my relationship with my daughter are the patience, the gentle honesty and the transparency we share with one another. I never want her to feel judged or pressured by her mother and she works at giving me the respect of honoring my individualism. We see one another’s quirks and negative patterns in behaviors but know those characteristics are what make us human. To err is to be human. To truly learn and feel complete about our learning process we need to work through our own adversities without constant reminders from others about our mistakes.